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“I believe in lasting solutions, and that prevention is better than cure.”

Join thousands of others training with active X backs to relieve and prevent back pain and sciatica

  • Find out what’s causing your pain (it’s simple)

  • How to get a good night’s sleep with back pain / sciatica

  • How to sit painlessly (and why you should reduce sitting)

  • Postures for relief

  • Training program for prevention of recurrence

  • 20+ helpful videos and audio tracks

  • 40+ exercises to relieve and prevent pain

The Active X Book

  • Average 5 star reviews on Amazon – the ultimate guide to lower back pain

Online Course

  • The best online course for lower back pain and sciatica

Online Course + one2one Consultation

  • Skype consultations with Gavin as well as the online course

About the author

Gavin Routledge - Back Care Course & Consultation

Gavin Routledge has 25 years of specialising in lower back pain, is a Gold Medallist from the British School of Osteopathy and has a Masters Degree in the Clinical Management of Pain.

He has worked in Edinburgh, Scotland for most of his 25 years in practice, always specialising in – and now revolutionising – the management and treatment of lower back pain and sciatica.


Extra money back guarantee

Follow the course for 2 months and if you don’t think it’s helping you we’ll give you 110% of your money back – guaranteed.

“Being a runner, I was anxious that after problems with a bulging disc and sciatica I would have to give up. But active X backs helped me fully rehabilitate back to running.”

Jackie Scott
“In 1994 the orthopaedic doctor told me to ‘come back when you’re in a wheelchair’. Thanks to active X backs, I have maintained a normal life and I’ve yet to meet that doctor again.”
Cameron Doyle

“Amazing fact – I’ve been taking prescription painkillers since the accident (14 years ago) but haven’t needed any since about April this year. I think it is safe to say I am now officially active X‘s biggest fan!”

Catriona Anderson

“active X backs sorted out my back pain when I was playing and I still see them whenever I have a problem. I would highly recommend them to help with any type of back, neck or shoulder problem you have.”

Gavin Hastings OBE, Ex-Captain of the Scottish Rugby Team

“I have been attending the clinic for well over 10 years. As a healthcare professional I have been consistently impressed by the approach of all of the staff with whom I have interacted. In particular the osteopaths have performed detailed and accurate assessments and the treatments delivered have on every occasion been of substantial benefit both symptomatically and in improving function. I have recommended the clinic to colleagues, patients, family and will continue to do so.”

Dr Graham Nimmo


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