This is my selection of the best back pain clinics, but it’s restricted to the UK, as I don’t have enough experience of those in other parts of the world.

Every year we are asked by our clients to recommend other clinics specialising in lower back pain and/or sciatica.  This may be for themselves because they’re traveling, or we’re too busy to see them, or they’re asking for friends in different parts of the country.  Whatever the reason, we like to be aware of what our colleagues are up to. This is a brief run-through of the clinics I’d go to if I had lower back pain / sciatica and in need of help. It’s very Scotland-centric, because that’s the area I know best.

Greater London

The Naval Mair Clinic gets a great name, for good reason. Naval, the principle osteopath (and an old student friend of mine, so full-disclosure there) is a very experienced osteopath, former tutor at 2 of the city’s osteopathic schools.  He stays on top of industry developments, includes IDD therapy for disc problems, and a very good exercise rehabilitation program.

Central London

Gerry Gajadharsingh at The Health Equation is technically perhaps the best osteopath I’ve ever met – his manipulative skills are second to none, but he is also a deep thinker and very strong on assessment and diagnosis. 


Dave Richardson one of the Clinic Directors at Bristol Osteopaths has been in practice for even longer than me, and runs a really great team of osteopaths, pilates and yoga instructors, massage therapists and more.  They work well as a team, and with three different locations, are accessible within the city centre and on the periphery.


James Sneddon at The Buckingham Clinic is in another league in terms of longevity within the profession, but his team helps him span generations of knowledge around treatment and rehabilitation of lower back pain.  They – like Naval Mair – incorporate IDD therapy within their clinic, and a real focus on prevention via extensive exercise provision.


Maggie Brooks is the co-founder of The Brooks Carter Clinic where you’ll find a range of therapists – many of them trained by Maggie – as for many years she ran Scottish Massage Schools; so soft tissue therapy is extremely strong here. But with 2 osteopaths – including Maggie – you’re in very well qualified hands.


Edinburgh is my home patch, and we’re spoilt for choice.  However I’ve been really impressed by what I’ve seen and heard of Daniel Cassells’ team at Move Freely Sports  – another IDD therapy provider, they are very strong on exercise therapy, which is as it should be when rehabilitating lower back problems.


Kevin McGhee’s team at Appletree Clinic in Broughty Ferry have a very thorough approach, combined with a relaxed environment to minimise what can otherwise be very stressful – dealing with pain. They include full Traditional Chinese Acupuncture as well as osteopathy.

If you’re looking outside these areas, the best I can do is point you to the search features on the General Osteopathic Council’s website here.

N.B. If you’re searching, and not sure about the difference between an osteopath, chiropractor and physio, you can find the answer here!