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If you’ve had pain for less than 3 months and it’s your first episode, a quick fix should be possible.  You choose from osteopathy – with the added option of acupuncture – and massage, all of which are recommended for back pain and sciatica in national clinical guidelines, or we can choose for you.  We’d recommend you consider the long term solution option or prevention (it’s better than cure!).  First appointment £57 and follow-up appointments £52.

We will give you a chance to tell us all about your problem, ask you a few more questions to fill in any blanks, examine you, explain what’s wrong with you and what options there are to help you.  Treatment will be provided during the first appointment as well as any short term advice to help you recover as quickly as possible.   See what others have said.

If you’d like us to help you fix your pain AND minimise the risk of a recurrence, this is the option for you!

Total cost depends on the duration of your problem – the longer you’ve had it, the more chance it will need more than a few appointments to fix it. How much would you spend on fixing your car?  Do you just want the engine polished, or do you really want a longer term solution?  See what others say.

Having fixed the problem, we offer a range of options to prevent future back pain or sciatica and to improve your overall health at the same time.

Prices are tailored to individual needs.  We think nothing of regular check-ups and scale and polish for our 32 (if you’re lucky) teeth… you have 26 movable vertebrae, 22 discs and 140 supporting muscles in your spine (and a whole lot of nerves!).  Shouldn’t you be looking after them?  Read about our Digital Spinal Assessment.

We can provide the following at your place of work:

  • Ergonomic Advice

  • Back Classes

  • Health Seminars

  • Health Fairs

Musculoskeletal problems are the most common cause of absence from work. If you want your team to be as healthy as they can be and to get back to work from musculoskeletal problems quickly and safely – minimising the risk of long-term disability and reducing the cost of sickness absenteeism – contact Clinic Director, Gavin Routledge at or on 0131 221 1415.

If you are an HR professional looking to reduce the cost of employee absenteeism due to back pain or mental illness such as stress, providing an in-house health care system may be the answer you are looking for. We can provide talks on fitness and back care directly to your employees. See our videos on Ergonomics and Desk Exercises for a sample of what we can offer your organisation in the way of educational, engaging advice on how to sit at work, as well as the best exercises to do at the workstation. We recommend DSE Scotland for desk assessments.

If you are an employee interested in encouraging your organisation to set up in-house services, please feel free to share this page and pass on the free guides.

Funding Options

Some of our seminars are provided free, just ask Gavin for details. Health insurance can fund osteopathy services. Many companies opt to pay for or subsidise the cost of services as they recognise the benefits of their employees being in the best health possible. active X is registered with all main health insurers except BUPA (who capped what they’d pay at a ridiculously low level!).

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