Osteopath consultation online – is it worth the money?

If you’re considering an osteopath consultation online, you may be asking whether it’s worth the money.  To help you decide, here are a few pointers about return on investment.

Knowledge is power

While your online back pain consultation may not provide you with hands-on treatment, this may be a good thing.  The trouble with consulting a manual therapist of any type is that they feel they have to put their hands on you.  They feel they have to “treat you”. While you may benefit from this, it means there is less time for other things.  Like learning what’s really wrong with you and what you can do about it.  Remember that “Knowledge is power”, and without it you are a passive receiver of treatment.  Don’t you want to be empowered? To truly understand the likely factors contributing to your pain?

Consult an expert in back pain / sciatica

You should find that an online back pain consultation or an online sciatica consultation is provided by a real expert.  You should have a real sense that you’re in expert hands (even though you’re not literally in his/her hands)!  I don’t know anyone else providing an osteopath consultation online, and I think that’s because they aren’t confident they can provide real value for money. We are specialists in lower back pain and sciatica because we know that by specialising we can truly be experts.

Cost / benefit analysis

At the end of the day, you want to know you’re money has been well-spent. Spending £59 (approx $77) learning about the real risk factors to your lower back pain / sciatica is better than spending the same money and learning nothing about how to help yourself.

In-clinic consultations available

And don’t forget that if you really want to be assessed by an osteopath in Edinburgh UK, we can provide that service too.