Online sciatica consultation

Who does online sciatica consultations?

There are not many clinicians offering an online sciatica consultation.  Perhaps this is because their business model is you go to them a number of times for treatment, and pay them each time you go.  We have operated that business model for 26 years, as osteopaths in Edinburgh. But for the last 2 years we have also been providing online consultations for lower back pain and sciatica.  Apart from us, by googling I could only find a Spinal Centre in Louisiana USA.  They are clearly focused on surgical solutions.  We are not, although for some it’s the right option.

What happens before the online consultation?

We ask you to complete a comprehensive online form.  This will give us a lot of information about your sciatica before your online sciatica consultation.  It acts to determine whether you do actually need to see a doctor/surgeon about your sciatica.  And it helps us to understand what makes your pain worse, and what makes it better.  You submit the form and email us any test results you have e.g. MRI or XRay reports. From all the information you provide, we start to be able to answer the question “what causes my sciatica?

What happens during an online sciatica consultation?

We have a face-to-face meeting on Skype where you can tell one of our osteopaths all about it.  We’ll ask you more questions. We may ask you to do a few movements.

How much does an online consultation cost?

The current cost is £59 or $76.

What do I get from the online sciatica consultation?

You will gain a much better understanding of what the underlying cause of your sciatica is likely to be.  Remember “sciatica” is a description, and not a diagnosis.  We will help answer the below questions:

What has caused my sciatica?

How can I  relieve my sciatica?

How can I prevent my sciatica from coming back?

Which exercises should I be doing to help my sciatica?

What advice should I follow to relieve my sciatica?

How should I sleep with sciatica?

and many more…  You can even include any other questions you would like answers to when you submit your form.  And you get a money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel the online consultation is worth at least the cost, we’ll refund you (minus card-handling costs).

We look forward to helping you to banishing sciatica and feeling great again!