It took me a while to search for the best lower back pain online course.  If you google the term, quite a lot of the courses are aimed at fitness pros or clinicians.  But I was only interested in the ones for those suffering from lower back pain and those who might be looking for an online consultation for lower back pain.

How many lower back pain online courses?

If you google the term “lower back pain online course”, google returns 357,000,000 results. Fortunately you’ll find most of these results are not relevant.  And I couldn’t trawl through that many pages.  So I only looked at the first 3 pages of results, and found the relevant returns that might warrant the title “best lower back pain online course“.  However, one of the results (Udemy) contained a number of different courses, many of them you’d probably get a lot from. This took me longer than I’d anticipated.

The online courses

On Udemy I like the look of Mike Cassidy-Hogg’s course “Total Back Pain Solution”.  He’s a chiropractor specialising in lower back pain in Bristol (UK) and the course has a lot of good content in it.  Importantly he includes some important notes on safety and when you should consult your doctor.

The Low Back Fix looked very exercise-focused, which is largely a good thing.  It’s taught by a former Marine Lieutenant and a strength and conditioning coach, so might feel a bit boot-campish?

The Complete Guide to Low Back Health, from Dr Carl Baird also looked interesting.  However it was difficult to get much detail on the course without buying it.

Save Yourself from Low Back Pain from Paul Ingraham at “Painscience” is extremely well-referenced.  And this guy clearly has done an immense amount of reading and thinking about lower back pain. As a result, I have really enjoyed reading some of his stuff over the years.  He is a prolific writer on pain and movement. You’ll find this is less an online course, and more a prelude to his book “Save yourself from low back pain” which he sells for $19.95.  It is apparently 112,500 words and 144 chapters.  Talk about War and Peace!!

Yoga for a Better Back from Stephanie Carter Kelley may be your bag if you particularly like yoga.  I think it’s pretty short on pain science, although she certainly mentions that the online course includes pain science.


I’ve given you a broad selection and – I admit – I was surprised by the quality of content in some of the courses. Our own online course for lower back pain and sciatica is the first return on google.  But just because it takes the top spot there, doesn’t mean it’s the best lower back pain online course.

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