The functioning of nerves in more detail.

What contributes to sensitive nerves (and therefore a “weak back”)?

  • Failed treatment and differing diagnoses cause people to be disappointed, confused and upset, which causes increased production of stress hormones which sensitizes nerves.
  • Stress in general, whether emotional or physical.
  • Tiredness due to a lack of rest and relaxation.
  • Fear has a huge impact, for example fear of future pain.

How do I “turn down” a sensitive nervous system?

  • Use the “wet brain / dry brain” model.  Aim for a “wet brain”, which is one that has been flooded with endorphins.  A dry brain is one that is stressed and lacking in physical activity.

How do I achieve an endorphin-rich “wet brain”?

  • Increase your levels of aerobic activity, which is any activity that raises your heart rate and therefore oxygenates your tissues.
  • Knowledge is power, but it’s also pain relief!  Gaining a better understanding of why you are in pain will decrease your anxiety levels.
  • Take medication if prescribed by your doctor.
  • Laugh more – watch a funny movie.