How do online consultations for lower back pain or sciatica work?

Request an online consultation

The first stage is that you fill in a form requesting an online consultation for lower back pain or sciatica, or you can simply book your online consultation here, by selecting “Osteopathy” and then “Skype consultation”.

Confirmation and Fact-finding

We will confirm your appointment and send you a link to an online form.  On the form you’ll tell us all about your lower back pain and/or sciatica.  The questions allow us to gain a deep insight into the likely causes of your problem, what aggravates it and may relieve it, and to go some way to having a theory as to the likely diagnosis.

Your online consultation

The consultation allows us to test that theory and refine it so that we can then inform you – as you would expect in a normal “in-person” consultation – what the nature of your problem is, what the causes are and how to go about resolving it.  You also have the opportunity to discuss any XRay or MRI report you may all ready have.  We have found that you will want advice on relief AND prevention, and – as per the image – the best way to achieve that is (once you’ve climbed the Cliff of Pain) to get as far back from the edge as possible.


You may choose to book a follow-up appointment and /or to sign-up for our online course on lower back pain and sciatica.  The theory component of the course is free, and we highly recommend you start it now if you haven’t all ready.  The practical part of the online course, which includes a progression of exercises and postural conditioning, is £59 or $76 (at current conversion rates) – we have to pay the bills and make a living!