Free webinars on lower back pain / sciatica

Free webinars available NOW for lower back pain and sciatica

You are in the right place if you are:

  • suffering from lower back pain and/or sciatica
  • looking for a different approach
  • wary of wasting any more money
  • want to help yourself to a lasting recovery

Your questions answered:

  • Why does my pain keep coming back?
  • Do exercises really help, and which ones are best for my pain?
  • Why don’t drugs and manipulation work?
  • Can my back actually be fixed?
  • How does stress make a difference?

These webinars on lower back pain and sciatica are free.  The webinars are pre-recorded, so jump into your choice right now.  Or set yourself  a reminder to do it soon. I look forward to seeing you there.

The webinar only lasts about 35 minutes.  If you ask questions inside the webinar, they will be forwarded to me.  And I’ll respond personally as soon as my diary allows.  Usually within 24 hours.

Lower Back Pain Webinar
Sciatica Webinar

Weeks of working from home, sitting on a bad chair in front of a screen on endless video calls definitely took their toll on my back. Gavin’s webinar helped me think about what my body was trying to tell me and find the right tactics that will help me get back to normal.

Karen Kneale, Story UK

I would recommend this webinar to anyone seeking to prevent or relieve lower back pain or sciatica. My only regret after this training was that I had not discovered Gavin a good few years ago. Better late than never!

Karl Squires, Coach, Trainer & Consultant

Why attend a free webinar on lower back pain or sciatica?

  • Can do it from home / the office
  • Hear from an expert on the subject
  • You are clearly open to a different perspective
  • You are suffering despite all previous attempts

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Who’s giving the free webinars on lower back pain and sciatica?

I’ve been an osteopath for nearly 30 years and have specialised in lower back pain and sciatica all of that time.  I had them both for about 7 years in my 20s. Then I started taking my own advice.

If you want relief and prevention of lower back pain / sciatica, I’m pretty sure I can help.  Here are my qualifications:

Low Back Pain Webinar

Why hesitate?  If you don’t like it, you can duck out at any time.

Sciatica Webinar

Why hesitate?  If you don’t like it, you can duck out at any time.