Back pain myth one

The worse the pain, the longer it takes to get better

Some people can be in agony (due to muscle spasm) in the morning and be virtually pain-free by bedtime.

Back pain myth number two

Once a bad back, always a bad back

Not when you learn how to avoid/overcome back pain and book to see a professional Osteopath 🙂

Back Pain Myth Number Three

Slipped discs can be popped back in.

Not the case, because they do not ‘slip’ – they bulge or rupture – some of the annular fibres tear and the pressure inside pushes the remains of the disc out; a bit like the inner tube of a tyre pushing out through a tear in the outer tyre, distorting the shape.

Back Pain Myth Four

No pain no gain

Rubbish – often pain is a sign that you are making things worse! If that happens it really is time to consult an expert

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