Where do I find an online doctor for back pain / sciatica?

In this article I’ll help you to find an online doctor for back pain / sciatica.  And I’ll try to give you some guidance on how to choose the right one.

Safety First

But, it’s worth considering first whether a doctor is the right person for you.  If you answer “no” to the questions at the bottom of this artice, then you don’t NEED to see a doctor. I call them the “Danger questions”.  If you answer “yes” to more than one, you should really consult a doctor to get a thorough medical check. Even if you answer “yes” to just one, you would be safer being cautious.

Search results for “online doctor for back pain / sciatica

Pushdoctor.co.uk provide online consultations with medical practitioners, and they specifically mention back pain on their platform.

Nationwide Pharamcies also specifically mention back pain as a condition their online doctors can help with in terms of diagnosis and pain medication.

Live Health Online turns up on page 1 of a google search too.  Although their site doesn’t specifically mention back pain as something their doctors cover.  But I’m sure they’d be happy to advise.

Is there a better option?

As mentioned in my previous article “Are online back pain / sciatica consultations good value?” it’s great if you can consult a specialist. Someone who focuses on back pain / sciatica.  For more guidance on choosing the right person/service to help you, read the whole article.

Back to safety

Meantime, here is that list of “Danger Question”.  We also call them Red Flag questions, and a “yes” to any of them MAY indicate you have an underlying problem that needs further investigation.

  • Compared with during your waking day, is your background pain worse when trying to sleep?  (Not the sharper pain you get when you’re turning over, just the constant type of ache).
  • Have you lost any great amount of weight without meaning to over the last year?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Cancer at any time?
  • Have you had lower back surgery in the last 2 years?
  • Do you have any weakness (rather than pain) in any of the following?

When standing, lifting either big toe up

When standing, pushing up onto the toes of one foot (compared with the other, or compared with what you would expect is your normal)


  • Do you have any numbness (lack of sensation) or pins and needles in your pelvic floor area (up between your upper thighs, the area you would sit on if on a saddle)?
  • Have you had any recent change in sexual function?  Loss of feeling, erection or ability to orgasm?
  • Do you have any difficulty urinating or defecating (using the toilet)?  e.g. trouble starting or stopping, or not aware of your bladder filling
  • Have you suffered any significant trauma recently, which in any way could impact on your lower back?
  • Have you been on a prolonged course of oral corticosteroids in the past or now?
  • Have you had a persistent high temperature recently?

If you’d like an online consultation for back pain / sciatica with someone who specialises in this, click the link.