Emergency appointment with an osteopath

If you want an emergency appointment with an osteopath for back pain, sciatica or any other complaint, call 0131 221 1415 before 12.00pm (London UK time).

Due to Coronavirus we are operating with a “skeleton” staff, so appointments are a little harder to secure.

Book online if it’s not too late.

Here’s what’ll happen…

  1. Appointment made online and payment made at time of booking (secures your booking along with a money-back guarantee).
  2. We send you a confirmation email with a link to an online medical questionnaire.   You fill in the questionnaire.
  3. Online video consultation OR in-clinic consultation at your appointed time today
  4. Any necessary follow-up in-person or online video consultations.
  5. Rapid relief achieved.


CALL US ON 0131 221 1415

Internationally 00 44 131 221 1415

“Outstanding! Gavin and his team are extremely professional and friendly and most importantly, get great results. Highly recommended”  Susie Lowe, Photographer (Google review)

Do online consultations for lower back pain / sciatica work?

CALL US ON 0131 221 1415

Internationally 00 44 1312211415

Emergency appointment with an osteopath

If you’ve had enough.  Whether you woke up today with pain; or you’ve had pain for months – we can help you.

If you can wait, please do.  We get calls from people who are desperate, so we like to leave slots open for them.  You may be debilitated by your pain, but still be able to cope with that.  If you are really distressed by your pain, that’s completely different. Call now, and we’ll fit you in if at all possible.