In a word, yes.  The most important ingredient to solving lower back pain and sciatica is that the clinician you consult has a deep understanding of the subject. You may be able to consult a doctor or other healthcare professional via services like Pushdoctor or Babylon Health, but they do not have the experience that comes from seeing thousands of people with lower back pain / sciatica.  They should be able to determine whether your back pain or sciatica could be a sign of something more serious , but they almost certainly won’t be able to give you personalised guidance to resolve the underlying problem.

I’ve seen quite a few Youtube videos put out by fitness professionals promoting a particular exercise to resolve lower back pain or sciatica; as if all people have the same problem and can be solved by the same exercise program.  This is deeply misleading and unhelpful.

What makes our service the best online consultation for lower back pain / sciatica?

Before the call, we will send you a link to an online form to fill in.  This will give us a huge amount of relevant data about your problem, with free-text fields so that if you want to put more in there, you can.  We will review this information before your consultation, so that we can dive deeper into your problem during the call.  Equally, if you answer “yes” to some of our screening questions, you will be advised to consult a doctor rather than continue with our service at that point.  70% of the fee that you have paid will be refunded in this instance.

The consultation enables us to reassure you as to what is wrong with you, and to tailor our advice to your particular problem, with all of the relevant exercises and information available on our lower back pain and sciatica online course, or within our back pain relief and prevention book , enabling you to fully rehabilitate, minimising the risk of recurrence.  You will be benefiting from 25+ years of knowledge specialising in this field (including a Masters Degree in Pain Management ), helping thousands of patients to recover.  Our systems and personalised care will work for you, and – not being shy to stake my reputation on this – I will always refund monies to any dissatisfied customers (this has only happened three times in 27 years)

Just book a Skype Consultation under the “Osteopathy” tag on our online booking page.