Understanding Lower Back Pain and Sciatica is an intensive course for Movement Professionals wishing to really help sufferers recover a full and active life. If was written by osteopath and author Gavin Routledge following the completion of an MSc in The Clinical Management of Pain and the subsequent publication of “active X backs – an effective long-term solution to lower back pain” ISBN 9780995670808. If you wish to join this course, just email info@active-x.co.uk

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Gavin Routledge Gavin Routledge Author

Clinic Director and Osteopath. Gavin graduated as a Gold Medallist in 1991 and is now a Vice Patron of the British School of Osteopathy. Co-author of “The Back Book” with Gavin Hastings OBE in 1996, and author of "active X backs - an effective solution for lower back pain"; he has an MSc in The Clinical Management of Pain from the University of Edinburgh. He's passionate about helping to move people as far from illness and pain as possible, and in January 2015 set himself the target of helping a million people get a better back.

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