Best back pain / sciatica online course

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If you want to understand why your lower back pain / sciatica keeps coming back, this course is essential.

NOTE – IF you have all ready attended one of my seminars/webinars, there will be a lot of duplicate content. But please skip through it as a reminder.

You will also need to start here if you want to join the growing global network of Personal Trainers and Movement Professionals supporting their clients to recover from LBP/sciatica.

  • No mumbo-jumbo.
  • No references to wacky witch-doctory stuff.
  • No unproven pet theories.

This stuff is grounded in scientific facts. The course contains the real reasons your back pain keeps recurring. And it empowers you to do something about it.

You can download – for free – the paper I wrote during my Masters Degree on The Clinical Management of Pain. That’s in the last lesson. In it you’ll find all the scientific references that back up this approach.

You will not become dependent on others dispensing drugs or treatment. You will learn how to become the master of your own body.

Is This The Best Back Pain / Sciatica Online Course?

It’s actually just the introduction. The full course is entitled The Best Back Pain / Sciatica Online Course – Relief AND Prevention. It has a huge amount of content. But it’s not free. You see, this is how I make a living. I’ve spent 30 years building my professional knowledge. Along the way I’ve seen 10,000+ patients with lower back pain and/or sciatica. I’ve had two books published on lower back pain. My Masters Degree was focused on lower back pain. This is my passion, but it’s also my livelihood. So, the main course is not free. But this course is. 🙂

This is an introduction

If you don’t like the introduction, there’s a good chance you won’t like the main course. That’s why you get this one for free. I don’t want you to waste your time or money. Mind you, the main course does come with a money-back guarantee.