Self-help for low back pain / sciatica.

Be active for life…


From the comfort of your own home, easily integrate into your life of work, family, and social commitments:

  • Stop treating symptoms.

  • Identify the hidden causes of your problem.

  • Set your goal and stick to the plan.

  • Follow a tailored, comprehensive rehabilitation program.

  • Reduce or eliminate costly trips to a clinic.

“We don’t diagnose what’s wrong with your lower back.  Because we don’t need to.  A diagnosis makes you dependent on the doctor/therapist.  Our Functional Assessment empowers you.”

Program designed by award-winning Edinburgh Osteopath Gavin Routledge; two-times author of books on low back pain.

Edinburgh osteopath facilitates self-help for low back pain and sciatica

We make sure your lower back pain isn't due to something serious

Questions any good clinician would ask you.

Should you see your doctor?

Fewer than 0.5% lower back pains are due to serious underlying disease processes.

We work out why it's not getting better

Many people are their own worst enemies.

What's aggravting it?

Your lower back won’t get better if you’re doing things that aggravate it.

We coach you every day until you're better

Relief is not enough - you need prevention too.

Prevention is better than cure.

But most people fail to progress, or relapse because they don’t stick to a good plan.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

1990-1997 – A personal beginning

Throughout most of his 20s osteopath Gavin Routledge experiences recurring bouts of low back pain and sciatica.  This is put down to an L45 disc prolapse.  For 7 years he consults different chiros, osteos, physios, massage therapists, doctors, surgeons.  Eventually he crafts his own solution, and sticks to it.

Sciatica nerve

1997-2010 – Private Practice and Author

His first book on low back pain – The Back Book – is published (co-author Gavin Hastings OBE).  Gavin runs an osteopathic business, with several private clinics and on-site musculoskeletal services for companies including Standard Life, BP, ASDA, Aegon UK.

2011 – A commitment to science and evidence

While continuing in private practice, Gavin undertakes a Masters Degree in Pain Management at The University of Edinburgh.  He reviews all the apps (232) on the app store for low back pain.  They are woeful – poor adherence to clinical guidelines, and they don’t answer the questions most commonly asked by sufferers.

His final project for his MSc is to scope the ideal “digital intervention” for low back pain and sciatica sufferers.  His research includes biomechanics and pain science.


2017 – Second book and self-help website launched

Gavin’s second book on low back pain is published – 20 years after his first. goes live.  Intended to be an ever-improving resource to help you if you want to solve your own low back pain or sciatica.  The mission is to help a million people get a stronger back and return to an active lifestyle.

Gavin Routledge - Back Care Course & Consultation

2020 – Partnerships are forged

We seek to connect sufferers with fitness professionals and others who wish to help you regain your full health – the best defence against pain.

Gavin’s back is “as strong as it’s ever been”.

Edinburgh osteopath facilitates self-help for low back pain and sciatica